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Cantaris Locke notable case list

Violent Offences

R -v- D, Norwich Crown Court, Robbery, 2018

The Defendant was accused of breaking into a hotel in the middle of the night and violently attacking the porter in order to steal hotel takings.  The Defendant's DNA was found on a glove dropped at the scene.  The cell-site analysis of the Defendant's phone suggested that he was in the vicinity of the hotel.  The Defendant maintained his innocence and was acquitted by jury.

R- v- N, Croydon Crown Court, conspiracy to possess firearms and conspiracy to cause GBH, 2017

The Defendant, together with two others, was charged with conspiracy to possess firearms with intent to endanger life and conspiracy to cause GBH.  The Defendants' arrests followed a police surveillance operation. A re-activated firearm was found on the premises of one of the co-Defendants.  The Prosecution case was supported by telephone and computer downloads suggesting that the defendants had been involved in preparation for acts of violence.  The Defendant was looking at a lengthy custodial sentence.  

Our legal team managed to persuade the Prosecution to accept a plea to a lesser charge of possession of a firearm on a limited basis which resulted in the Defendant receiving the minimal term available.

R -v- F, Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey), Attempted Murder, 2017

This case related to the attempted murder of the defendant’s wife’s partner. This case received significant media attention. She was stabbed in the neck several times by the defendant when she opened her front door. The act itself was not denied. The only issue being one of intent given the defendants mental state at the time. The case was complex as the Crown served thousands of pages of phone data to establish premeditation on part of the defendant. We were able to filter important passages of phone messages and instruct a psychiatrist to provide a favourable report. We persuaded the Prosecution there was no intention to kill and the charge was reduced.

R -v- A, Snaresbrook Crown Court, Blackmail and Kidnap, 2016

This was an extremely serious allegation that would have resulted in a significant custodial sentence.

The defendant was accused of kidnapping an individual and taking him to a location where he was violently assaulted and threatened with a knife. He was forced to hand over thousands of pounds.

After a two week trial the defendant was acquitted of the charges.

R -v- I, Inner London Crown Court, Securicor robbery

The Defendant was accused of a cash in transit robbery. He was found in possession of the monies at a house shortly after the incident.  We were able to negotiate a reduction in the charge of robbery to handling stolen goods whilst the co-defendants were all convicted of robbery.   The Defendant avoided a custodial sentence.

R -v- S, Oxford Crown Court, Aggravated Burglary, 2018

The victim was ambushed in his home and severely beaten and threatened with a knife before being robbed. The Defendant was alleged to have been involved as a getaway driver. We were able to produce Expert evidence to bolster his defence. The Defendant was acquitted after a 4-week trial. He and one other were the only defendants to be acquitted out of the 6 defendants.

R -v- K, Snaresbrook Crown Court, GBH with Intent and Witness Intimidation, 2018

The victim was set upon by a gang. It was claimed that he was a witness in a serious criminal matter and had been targeted for this reason. He had been attacked with a machete which caused serious injury. The Defendant was viewed on CCTV chasing the Victim and had been identified as being responsible. We were able to establish that the Defendant was not responsible for the crime. He was acquitted after a one-week trial  

R -v- P, Liverpool Crown Court, Conspiracy to Commit Violent Disorder, 2017

This was a high-profile case that involved numerous defendants. It attracted national media coverage. The case related to the clashing of far right- and left-wing demonstrators   in   Liverpool   town   centre.   The   violence   was   pre-planned   and organised and involved hundreds of people. The case was extremely complex given the large-scale nature of the disturbance. Thousands of pages of evidence was​ served and a significant amount of CCTV. We were instructed to represent one of the leading members of the far-right gang. We managed to persuade the CPS that there was no actual conspiracy and the charge was reduced.