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Cantaris Locke notable case list

Sexual Offences

R -v- Y, Wood Green Crown Court, Facilitating Travel and Sexual Exploitation of a Child and Controlling Prostitution for Financial Gain, 2018

This case involved several co-defendants. This was one of the first cases prosecuted under the modern slavery act. The Crowns case was that the victim was trafficked to a location in north London and her prostitution was controlled from a vehicle. The Crown relied on thousands of pages of evidence including phone data to bolster their case. Cell site and phone data was relied on to co locate the defendant with the others when the crime was committed. We instructed a cell site expert which casted doubt on the cell site analysis provided by the Crown. The charges of Facilitating Travel and exploitation of a child were withdrawn, and not guilty verdicts recorded

R -v- C, Distribution of Indecent Images of Children, 2017

The Defendant was accused of distributing indecent images of children after a forensic examination of his computer. We were able to establish that the Defendant had legitimate grounds and reasonable excuse. The Defendant was found not guilty after trial

R-v- K, Woolwich Crown Court, Sexual Assault, 2017

We represented K, who had been accused of serious sexual assault against his housemate.  The Defendant was acquitted after a 3-day trial.

R v G, Wood Green Crown Court, Rape. 2017

We represented the Defendant who was accused of rape. We were able to cast doubt in the reliability of the evidence and unearth crucial text messages and secured an acquittal after a 5 day Trial

R -v- R, Coventry Crown Court, Appeal against Conviction, 2016

The Defendant was convicted in the Magistrates' Court for sexually assaulting a member of staff whilst working in his capacity as a manager. He subsequently lost his job and working visa.

The Defendant approached our firm after conviction and instructed us to appeal it.

We managed to unearth crucial evidence that was not dealt with at his trial in the Magistrates' Court.  The Appeal was allowed and the Defendant's conviction was overturned.

R -v- C, Snaresbrook Crown Court, Sexual Assault, 2015

This case involved allegations of serious sexual offences against a minor. They were historic offences, alleged to have occurred nearly 20 years prior to the Defendant's arrest.

The first trial resulted in a hung jury.  During the first trial evidence was revealed that documented dreams the Complainant had through her childhood.  Some of the dreams were of a sexual and violent nature. This raised the concern that allegations may have been imagined and inaccurate.  This was a unique set of circumstances which required specialist expertise. We were able to identify the issue immediately and decided to instruct an expert in Recovered Memory Syndrome.

The Crown Prosecution Service withdrew the charges before the trial commenced.

R -v- T, Snaresbrook Crown Court, Multiple counts of rape and sexual assault, 2014

The case involved historical allegations of rape and sexual assaults. The case rested on the testimony of a relative. The Defendant was acquitted after trial.