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Cantaris Locke notable case list

People Trafficking

Cantaris Locke Solicitors are very experienced in this particular field of criminal defence. We have secured acquittals in high profile cases.

Human trafficking can be extremely complex. It is usually vigorously prosecuted by the Border Agency and National Crime Agency, often with the assistance of overseas authorities. Cases tend to rest strongly on surveillance evidence, phone data and ANPR evidence relating to the movement of vehicles.

We have had cases dismissed and secured acquittals by casting severe doubt on the reliability of the evidence which has been carefully presented by the prosecution.

With our specialist team of lawyers and barristers tailored to this particular area, accompanied by the assistance of excellent experts, we assure you receive the best possible representation.

R -v- W, Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey), People Trafficking, 2018  

Extremely high-profile case that received significant media attention in the UK and Europe. The Defendant was alleged to have conspired with 8 others to traffic Albanians from France to the UK by means of speed boat. Our client was alleged to have been the driver of one of the boats. This was an extensive police operation with assistance of the French authorities. The case involved surveillance and thousands of pages of phone evidence/transmission data.  We help the Defendant to demonstrate that he did not conspire with others to traffic anyone to the UK.  Only two of nine defendants were found not guilty of the offence.

R- v- O, Snaresbrook Crown Court, People Trafficking, 2015

The Defendant was accused of transporting illegal immigrants in his lorry out of the country whilst working in the course of his employment.

We were able to secure his acquittal by making a successful legal argument regarding the admissibility of the witness statements provided by the CPS.

The Judge accepted are application and the case was dropped on the day of trial.

R- v- P, Norwich Crown Court, People Trafficking and Firearms, 2016

The Defendant was accused of trafficking immigrants from Eastern Europe for the purpose of exploitation in an organised criminal enterprise. Firearms were found at his address.

A not guilty verdict was recorded on the first day of trial.

R- v- S, Southwark Crown Court, People Trafficking / Controlling Prostitution / Money Laundering, 2016

We represented the Defendant in relation people trafficking, controlling prostitution and money laundering in complex proceedings at Southwark Crown Court.

The Defendant was accused of being a "madam", running a multi-million-pound organised sex empire. Girls were transported to the country from Europe to work in the UK.

The Crown Prosecution Service sought to confiscate hundreds of thousands of pounds from the Defendant.  After a year of litigation (which included the instruction of a financial accountant by us) we successfully reduced the amount liable to confiscation from £162,000 to £3,000.