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Cantaris Locke notable cases

Murder cases

Our team of lawyers undertake cases relating to homicide on a regular basis. High profile cases include the representation of the UK’s most wanted fugitive, gang related murder and a baby shaking case. Murders are naturally very complex and can involve a significant amount of evidence.

Our lawyers have vast experience dealing with every type of scenario. We have access to a highly skilled team of medical experts including pathologists, psychiatrists and psychologists. Even when clients have accepted committing the fatal act our lawyers have managed to reduce the charge of murder to manslaughter by obtaining favourable psychiatric reports regarding the client’s mental state.

R -v- S, ST Albans Crown Court, 2019, Murder

This case involved the brutal death of a young man in a frenzied attack. The man was stabbed over 90 times in the neck. The case involved the instruction of numerous medical experts including a pathologist and toxicologist. We instructed a psychiatrist who provided a favourable report which showed the defendant was not of sound mind at the time of the offence. In light of the report it was agreed that the charge of murder be reduced to one of manslaughter

R -v- M, Court of Appeal, 2019

This case involved the unfortunate death of a 3-month-old baby by way of shaking. The Prosecution relied on complex medical evidence from numerous experts to establish the cause of injuries and timings. The conviction rested heavily on the final shake that was said to have occurred 30 mins prior to the cardiac arrest of the baby. The defence were able to instruct a paediatric neurologist from Belgium which rejected the 30-minute time frame and casted doubt on the Prosecution’s evidence that was relied on in trial. The Expert report provided by the Defence enabled the defence to bring renewed grounds of appeal.

R -v- O, Central Criminal Court, 2019

This case involves the stabbing of a man in a west London bar. The defendant was registered by Interpol as Britain’s most wanted and the case attracted significant media attention nationwide and internationally.

R -v- K, Central Criminal Court, 2019

This case involved the death of a middle age women in an east London flat. The defendant was alleged to have strangled her. The defence instructed a psychiatrist to cast doubt on his mental state at the time of the offence. A favourable report was obtained to negotiate a lesser charge of Manslaughter.

R- v- I, Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey), Murder

This was an extremely high-profile case that received nationwide media coverage. A feud between notorious South London gangs lead to an array of violence resulting in the death of a young man.

R -v- A, Central Criminal Court (The Old Bailey), Murder

The Defendant was accused of murdering his girlfriend.  He was charged with murder following his confession to the killing to his psychiatrist.  A psychiatric assessment arranged by one of our solicitors demonstrated that at the relevant time of the killing the Defendant was suffering from an abnormality of the mind.  The charge of murder was substituted with a charge of manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility.  The Defendant was found not guilty of murder.