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What we do

Driving Offences

Our team of lawyers have vast experience in successfully defending our clients with respect to all types of driving matters including the following:

  • Careless driving
  • Dangerous driving
  • Death by dangerous driving
  • Drink driving / in charge
  • Driving whilst disqualified
  • Driving without insurance
  • Drug driving - driving / in charge whilst unfit
  • Early return of driving licence
  • Failing to notify DVLA
  • Failure to provide a specime
  • Mobile phone offences
  • Speeding offences
  • 12 points - totting up

We have an excellent record in securing acquittals and helping people keep their driving license. An accumulation of 12 points normally results in a loss of licence unless you can demonstrate exceptional hardship. We have regularly succeeded on this ground by producing the necessary evidence and legal arguments at Court.

We have a high success rate and often win our cases by casting doubt on the reliability of key scientific evidence and witnesses including Police Officers. Even when our clients plead guilty, we often are able to negotiate a reduction of the charge and basis of plea which can result in our clients keeping their licence. We are assisted by a team of barristers and experts who have a nationwide reputation in this area of law. Cases of dangerous and careless driving will often rely on evidence including tyre marks obtained from the road. We are often assisted by accident and reconstruction experts who are able to successfully cast doubt on the reliability of such evidence.